How do we get more Ethnic Minorities into Tech?

by | Jul 9, 2019

By Musa Ayoob (CEO) on 9th July 2019

Are you from an Ethnic Minority?

How did you get into the Tech Sector?

What drives you forward in the Tech Space?

Do you want to be help us get more kids from Ethnic Minorities into Tech?

One of the aims of our business is to help kids from ethnic minorities to get into Tech.

Over the last few years I have observed that young black and Asian kids no longer feel part of society. It appears society has almost done a complete 360⁰ and we are facing the same anti-migrant bias that existed back in the 1970/80s. The net result is many kids from ethnic minorities rather than struggling through the flawed education system end up part of a gang – seeing this as a means to make quick money as well as having a “glamorous lifestyle”.

We want to show kids that there is another way that can generate a glamorous lifestyle and without the violence that comes from being part of a gang.

Phase 1 is to create a network of professionals within the Tech Sector (particularly those who are from ethnic minorities) and in conjunction with the Mayor’s office to visit schools and colleges to talk about a career in Tech.

Phase 2 is to then team up with the various Coding Boot Camps across the North West and see if we can get some places specifically for kids from ethnic minorities – we will then either fund this directly or find other businesses who can provide sponsorship to these kids.

Phase 3 is to provide Mentors to these kids so they have the support while they are learning to code and give them an opportunity to spend some time within a Tech Business as an intern so they can get some real life experience.

Phase 4 is to help them secure their first job after they pass through the Boot Camp and the idea is to continue to support them in the journey – through a Mentor scheme and through the vast network of Tech Professionals we know.

I believe this will help give these kids an opportunity to enter into the Tech world, become role models for others and become productive members of society. This will not be an easy ask but I feel with a little bit of work every day, networking within the Tech community and engaging with senior stakeholders (such as the Mayor) I firmly believe we can make this a reality!

Please get in touch to discuss how together we can help get more kids off the streets and into Tech!!

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