Connecting You to Companies

  • Helping candidates with their job search
  • We can help you write/re-write your CV making it more attractive to employers
  • Understanding the needs of candidates ensuring they are matched to suitable roles / employers
  • Taking the time to understand the candidate in terms of their lifestyle, aspirations, motivation and relate this back to better suited opportunities
  • Keep candidates aware of changes in the market to help keep them relevant

How to FutureProof yourself in the Job Search

  • FutureProof yourself now with a VideoCV
  • The modern way to showcase your skills and achievements
  • Replaces the initial interview
  • Use of video tech to give instant impact to employers on your application
  • In the future VideoCV will be the only way to connect to employers


CV Writing

Within the Recruitment process your CV is critical to showcase yours skills – get in touch so we can assist you in reworking your CV and making sure we help you to help yourself in the job search.

We are genuinely passionate about helping candidates find their dream role.

Interview Preparation

Prior to any interview make sure you have done your research about the company, gone through the Job Spec and mapped your experience compared to the role.

Make sure you investigate the interviewer using LinkedIn and Social Media.

Post Interview

After a job interview always give the recruiter honest feedback about the role, company and interviewer.

Never feel pressured to take any role – always make sure it’s your decision.

Post Placement

Once the recruitment process is complete and you are hired ensure you keep in contact with the recruiter to ensure you have a smooth start to your employment.

A good recruiter can act as a buffer between you and your employer.

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