NQB Guarantee to Recruit your A-Team

by | Oct 5, 2020

Getting the right person who fits in with your existing team is critical. NQB Recruitment offer a no quibble guarantee to show their confidence in finding, screening and placing candidates.

With more than 15 years combined experience, Manchester based NQB Recruitment is a family run business providing a bespoke recruitment service. The NQB approach of matching technical, cultural and overlooked emotional requirements provides a 360o perspective for SMEs. Looking beyond the usual pre-screening, psychometric testing and a flood of CVs, the focus is not just doing but how to improve the recruitment process for the client.

Musa Ayoob, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer explained, “Our experience of working within a multi-cultural environment has helped us to understand people better and to focus on finding a happy fit with clients. We offer a no quibble guarantee to our clients that in the event the candidate leaves or is terminated within the first 2 months we will provide one free replacement.”

“A resource, transparent and honest organisation which responds quickly to help business needs. Would recommend anyone looking for a large resource pool,” said Irfan Soneji, Head of Digital Services at BuroHappold (London).

NQB Recruitment has been operational since May 2018, building and establishing the recruitment process in a structured manner. Musa Ayoob’s recruitment and IT outsourcing experience was at Corporate Services Group, MSB and Mobica. More recently at the online portal Totaljobs.com, Musa honed his skills in understanding client requirements as well as sourcing and managing candidates during the recruitment process. This has provided the starting point for their 360o service and, if needed, an extension to a client’s human resources team. This means Start-ups or SMEs can receive a customised package from a retainer to a fully managed service.

Aamer Ayoob, co-founder and Chief Operations Officer previously worked within sales and operations, most recently for the multi-national networking and telecommunication company Ericsson based in Dubai. He managed both recruitment and ongoing support across the Middle East region and beyond. Aamer was responsible for more than 2000 contractors spread across Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Turkey, Cyprus, Pakistan, Lebanon and Jordan. It was this period in the Middle East and neighbouring Africa and Eastern Europe where he refined his multi-cultural skills.

In 2019 the business has focused on building relationships with companies and candidates. This starts by understanding the client’s team culture and how this fits with the new role. NQB support clients during the entire interview process and Aamer and Musa have even sat in on interviews to give an alternative perspective for their clients.

“We were looking to recruit a Sales Manager and engaged NQB to help find suitable people. Aamer from NQB provided me with four relevant candidates of which we interviewed three and selected one. All the candidates provided to review were of the highest calibre. NQB offer an excellent level of customer service during & after the recruitment process and they work in a professional / transparent manner making them our preferred recruitment partner,” said Frank Noon, VP Worldwide Sales at VXL Technology and Software (Manchester).

NQB are very much quality led which is why they have found that providing a limited number of pre-qualified candidates gives much better results. The extensive background work done with candidates ensures the recruitment process is time and cost efficient. This includes sourcing candidates from abroad which means access to a larger pool with extensive technical skills. As part of their services, help is available for work permits and a license to employ migrant workers. NQB even provide significant support for the first 2-3 months to resolve any problems. This means the required fit between candidate and business extends beyond the interview and ‘honeymoon’ period.

“NQB Recruitment Solutions are an honest, professional and ethical organisation providing me with the highest levels of customer service so they come highly recommended,” said Naveed Saghir, Managing Director at JacobsAV (Macclesfield).

The demand for candidates is likely to increase as Brexit bites. According to Tech Nation’s Bright Tech Future Jobs and Skills 2018 report, Manchester’s tech sector employs over 100,000 workers but also has around 164,000 vacancies. The arrival of Brexit day on 31st January marks the start of the transition period until the end of 2020. The uncertainty and impact of not finding the right candidate is likely to increase as a result of these factors.

In a changing world it has to be worth looking at a no quibble guarantee for your next tech recruitment. Whether you are needing advice on market availability, planning your future growth or plugging an unexpected gap in your team, contact Musa and Aamer on 0161 291 9196 or www.nqbrecruit.tech/contact/

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