by | Jan 15, 2021

Zak Clifford

🛡 CREST Registered Penetration Tester | 🗼Wireless Security Professional | ☁ Cloud Security | 🥷🏻 Red Team | 🔍 OSINT

“Without the help of Musa, I wouldn’t have landed my dream job as Pen tester. Musa was amazing right from the start. I think the call was after 6 pm as I’d just come home from work and he answered straight away. Musa listened to me and my job history and could hear my passion and dedication for the job I was enquiring about. After sending my CV over that night, Musa immediately came back to me and was excited about me and the role I was looking for. The communication with Musa was unbelievable, I never felt pressured in any interaction with him. Musa prepped me for the interview the day before where I made notes and also an hour before the interview, the knowledge he had given me, gave me confidence during the interview, which speaking to other recruiters before never did this. Musa was a pleasure to work with and would strongly recommend anyone to work with him.”

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